SEC Business

X-Ray Inspection

As an inspecting/analyzing equipment for internal defects of electronic component/die casting/semiconductor packaging, SEC had invented Open Tube and FPD equipment for the first time in Korea.
We supply AFT(Auto Focus Tracing), Auto Ball Void measuring, Wire Sweep calculating function, Screen divid & Merge, Auto Teaching equipment. Also,there are Micro CT(X-eye MCT Series) and Power CT(X-eye PCT Series) available to precisely inspect and analyze inner structure of samples with 3D.


Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM) is used for various ingredient analysis and surface structure analysis through several detectors after focusing and detecting secondary electron emitted from sample by shooting electron beam on the sample in the chamber. SEM is the foundation technique of MEMS(Microelectromechanical systems) industry and an equipment for analysis and measurement of ultrafine nano structure having resolution of 1nm.

Semiconductor Packaging System

In regard to semiconductor package process, our system is able to counter with fine pitch and CSP mounting by directly connecting CHIP PAD to BUMP unlike existing DIE BONDER and is used in CMOS and LDI market.